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Kirill Kirsanov: "We couldn't take advantage of our opportunities"

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HC SKA defenseman Kirill Kirsanov:

- First of all, I would like to apologise to the fans for this result. Overall, it was a good game, but we couldn't take advantage of our opportunities to score.

- Did you feel that Spartak Moscow made an improvement in the third period?

- No, I wouldn't say that. Of course, their goal gave them extra emotions. Nevertheless, we tried to focus on our own performance.

- How difficult was it to play personally today, given that there were moments when you were left on the bench?

- All of us felt good, we all have our different functions. Some of us compete on special teams, whereas others don't. We support each other all of the time.

- On Tuesday, SKA had competed in a challenging match against Metallurg Magnitogorsk. Did that have an effect?

- We always try our best in every game, no matter who we are playing against.

- When the score is tight like today, what do the coaches ask of you?

- The main thing is to score more goals and not concede any. We have to compete with confidence, solidly and in a simple manner.

Kirill Kirsanov: "We couldn't take advantage of our opportunities"

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