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Kirill Marchenko and Danila Galenyuk speak after beating Sochi

HC SochiDanila GalenyukKirill MarchenkoSochi - SKA - 141020
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SKA forward Kirill Marchenko:

- It was a good match, both teams competed in an energetic, physical manner. It wasn't easy to ease into the game after being on the sidelines for a long time. However, we are pleased with the performance and victory.

- Are you happy to return from the MHL?

- Yes, of course. I played there for two games and I'm really happy to be back in the main team again. I need to prove my worth in order to continue developing.

- Will you have a special mindset for the match against CSKA Moscow on Friday?

- CSKA have a strong team, they are our competitor and it will be a derby. We will fight on the ice. We always play to win.

SKA defenseman Danila Galenyuk:

- We stuck to the game plan. Is it special for me to play in Sochi after previous competitions? I will always remember when I played for the Olympic national team here, but it's nothing special. It is nice to play here.

Kirill Marchenko and Danila Galenyuk speak after beating Sochi

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