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Kirill Marchenko: "The opponents were pumped up and fully prepared"

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HC SKA forward Kirill Marchenko:

- It was a tough match for us, the opponents came here pumped up and fully prepared. In the first period, it was clear how much we struggled, we only registered three shots on target in the opening minutes. We had to turn the game around and emerge victorious.

- You were placed in one line with Ivan Morozov and Vasily Podkolzin again.

- The coaches decided to go back to our old system of playing together. We had missed playing in one line, because we really do understand each other well. We're all the same age, we are in good relations and we receive positive emotions when competing together. Thankfully, everything went well for us on the ice today.

- Are you disappointed that Vasily Podkolzin will soon join the junior Russian national team?

- We're already joked about that! If we're put together in one line in the upcoming games, we will play at our maximum.

- What happened at the final buzzer? A brawl appeared to start.

- I can't say anything about that. Maybe Amur players lost their temper, as they had started to pick fights with us during the closing minutes. When the match ended, Vasily Podkolzin went and said something to them, and the fight began. It didn't last for long, though.

Kirill Marchenko: "The opponents were pumped up and fully prepared"

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