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Kirill Marchenko: "We knew that Kunlun like to compete in an aggressive manner"

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HC SKA forward Kirill Marchenko:

- Matches with Kunlun Red Star are always like this. We knew that the opponents like to compete in an aggressive manner, always dumping the puck into the attacking zone and sending it towards the crease. It's good that we recovered in the third period and won the game, we had lots of opportunities and could have scored more goals.

- You have scored three goals against Kunlun this season.

- Yes, I've also noticed that I'm managing to hit the target in matches against this team. We will continue working, I want to score against all opponents!

- Despite being in last place of the Eastern Conference, Kunlun are tough opponents.

- We understood that they always like to play with an emphasis on attacking hard, they are dangerous on the counter and are capable of using their scoring chances. We were ready for this, but we committed mistakes and conceded goals. We made positional errors.

- Did you underestimate Kunlun?

- All of us went out there to fight and try our best.

Kirill Marchenko: "We knew that Kunlun like to compete in an aggressive manner"

- With the playoffs in mind, was it useful to make such a comeback from 0:3 down?

- Yes, I think so. Psychologically, this match will have a positive impact on us, we now know that we can calmly make comebacks even when trailing by three goals. The main thing is that we remained calm, none of us panicked. We followed our game plan.

- How do you feel ahead of the playoffs?

- We have positive emotions after winning this game. Yes, we have things to improve, but that's normal. The best players will be on the ice in the playoffs.

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