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Kirill Marchenko: "The opponents caught us on the counter"

AvtomobilistKirill MarchenkoSKA - Avtomobilist - 080921
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HC SKA forward Kirill Marchenko:

- This is a disappointing defeat, it was a good match. We had an advantage in terms of the game play, we missed a lot of opportunities and we scored two own goals during the first period. We tried to get back on level terms, but Avtomobilist caught us on the counter-attack. We will make up for this result in future games.

- What happened on the ice for SKA's second conceded goal?

- I was in shock at what I did. No one put me under pressure, I simply contrived to score an own goal. I apologise for this error. Yes, the guys did support me after that goal, so thank you to them for that. Thank you to the coaches for keeping the faith in me throughout the rest of the match.

- Did you get your angles all wrong?

- No, in my head it was a perfect pass. However, the puck didn't go where I wanted it. I was two meters out. I am to blame, that's all I can say. This is the first time when this kind of thing has happened to me.

Kirill Marchenko: "The opponents caught us on the counter"

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