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Kirill Marchenko: "We are working with a positive mood"

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HC SKA forward Kirill Marchenko:

- How did it feel during the first 2021/2022 pre-season match?

- We have all missed ice hockey games, but we don't have as much strength as during the season. This is because of the training camps. We're working with a positive mood, our goalkeeper was our best player today.

- But you scored the winning goal!

- I received a pass when skating through the neutral zone, and I managed to pass the Sochi defence. We had agreed with Magnus Hellberg that my first shot would be into his pads, before my second would be higher and go in!

- How do you feel after the training camp in Novogorsk?

- I can barely move now! Nevertheless, everything is fine overall, I managed to score in this match. We played for the team.

- Have you gone by the sea yet?

- No. I wanted to go there yesterday in the evening, but everywhere was closed. Maybe I will go there during one of our days off, but we are here to play ice hockey.

Kirill Marchenko: "We are working with a positive mood"

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