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Kirill Marchenko: "I really enjoy playing in my line"

JokeritKirill MarchenkoSKA - Jokerit - 160120
HC SKA press-service

- You had a lot of opportunities to score today. Why didn't it happen?

- I don't know, we'll look into this. We need to work on how we take advantage of our chances in front of the net.

- You have previously played in one line with Vasily Podkolzin and Ivan Morozov in the MHL and at the World Junior Championship. Do you all enjoy playing together?

- It's great, I really enjoy playing with them! We've been playing together for a long time and we have excellent mutual understanding, we're always communicating on the ice. However, we need to take advantage of the opportunities which we have.

- What do you think about Jokerit today?

- They are a good team. Before the game, we analysed video footage of how they play, the Finns like to play good, technical ice hockey. We tried to play our own style.

Kirill Marchenko: "I really enjoy playing in my line"

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