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Euro Hockey Tour. Czech Republic - Russia - 2:5

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In the concluding match of the first stage of the 2021/2022 Euro Hockey Tour, the senior Russian national team managed to earn a confident win against the Czech Republic, emerging victorious by a score of 5:2 in Helsinki, Finland.

Goals from Alexander Elesin and Dmitry Voronkov on the powerplay in the first period handed our team a commanding 2:0 lead. In the second, Voronkov tallied his second marker of the day, before Nikita Tertyshny connected with a wonderful pass from SKA forward Nikita Chibrikov to make it four. The opponents swapped Stepan Lukes for Petr Kvaca in their net following the fourth Russian goal.

Fellow SKA forwards Marat Khusnutdinov and Matvei Michkov also dished out assists during the first two periods.

The Czechs, however, got one back at the end of the second stanza on the powerplay through Matej Stransky at point-blank range, and they tallied their second in the 50th minute as David Kase took advantage of a wicked ricochet on the crease.

Nevertheless, the Russians held on, and Artyom Galimov iced it with a late empty-netter.

The second phase of the competition will take place in December in Moscow.

Euro Hockey Tour. Czech Republic - Russia - 2:5

Match protocol:

Czech Republic - Russia - 2:5 (0:2, 1:2, 1:1)


0:1 Elesin (Nikishin, Khusnutdinov), 03.16
0:2 Voronkov (Khusnutdiniv, Chibrikov), 17.18
0:3 Voronkov (Michkov), 22.29
0:4 Tertyshny (Chibrikov, Zinchenko), 31.19
1:4 Stransky (Chlapik, Repik), 39.02
2:4 Kase (Flek), 49.20
2:5 Galimov (Voronkov, Zinchenko), 57.45

Goalkeepers: Lukes/Kvaca - Shugaev

Shots on target: 40 - 35

Faceoffs: 32 - 29

Penalty minutes: 8 - 4


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