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2020/2021 Euro Hockey Tour. Russia - Finland - 6:2

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In Helsinki, the senior Russian national team impressed in the opening match of the 2020/2021 Euro Hockey Tour, confidently defeating Finland by a large score of 6:2.

Rodion Amirov, SKA forward Marat Khusnutdinov and Ilya Safonov all hit the jackpot during an impressive third period, before subsequent goals were scored by Daniil Chayka, Yegor Chinakhov and Yegor Afanasyev in the remaining 40 minutes.

SKA goalkeeper Yaroslav Askarov stopped 17 of the 19 Finnish shots he faced.

Russia will now prepare to take on Sweden and the Czech Republic in the remaining two games of the Karjala Cup at the weekend.

Match protocol:

Russia - Finland - 6:2 (3:0, 2:1, 1:1)


1:0 Amirov, 01.42
2:0 Khusnutdinov, 11.21
3:0 Safonov (Podkolzin, Afanasyev), 16.53
3:1 Eronen (Peltola), 22.33
4:1 Chayka (Afanasyev, Podkolzin), 35.47
5:1 Chinakhov (Safonov, Groshev), 38.20
5:2 Sallinen (Kemilainen), 40.46
6:2 Afanasyev (Mukhamadullin, Chistyakov), 52.01

Goalkeepers: Askarov - Setanen

Shots on target: 26 - 19

Penalty minutes: 22 - 35


2020/2021 Euro Hockey Tour. Russia - Finland - 6:2

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