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Kunlun Red Star - SKA. Match facts

Match factsKunlun Red StarValentin ZykovNikita KomarovAlex GrantMaxim SidorovKunlun RS - SKA - 220922
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This match saw SKA concede a shorthanded goal for the first time in the 2022/2023 KHL regular season. Before conceding against Kunlun Red Star in Mytishchi, SKA had killed 30 consecutive penalties in the current campaign (60 minutes and 59 seconds). The club record was set in the 2018/2019 campaign, when SKA killed 39 penalties in a row (76 minutes and 11 seconds).

Maxim Sidorov became the fifth goalkeeper to make his KHL debut for SKA as a substitute, following in the footsteps of Evgeny Ivannikov, Igor Shestyorkin, Alexei Melnichuk and Dmitry Nikolaev.

Having conceded one minute and 18 seconds after joining the action, Sidorov let in the quickest goal on his debut among the five mentioned goaltenders. Ivannikov conceded four minutes and 40 seconds after entering the game on his debut, whereas Nikolaev and Melnichuk didn't let in a single goal during their maiden appearances.

Interestingly, Garet Hunt and Dmitry Kostenko - who managed to beat Sidorov in the third period - tallied their first KHL goals in the process.

Forward Nikita Komarov scored his first goal for SKA in his ninth competitive game for our team. In the same match, defenseman Alex Grant dished out his first two KHL assists for SKA.

For the first time since joining SKA, forward Valentin Zykov scored a winning goal and picked up three (1+2) points in one KHL away game.

Kunlun Red Star - SKA. Match facts

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