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A SKA development camp at Hockey City

Training camp
HC SKA press-service

On July 2, at the Hockey City multifunctional complex, a development camp will start for SKA system players. Over the course of 10 days, the young players will train both on two rinks and off the ice under the guidance of SKA player development coach Daniel Bochner, coach-methodist Lars Johansson, coach Igor Efimov, individual goalkeeping coach Marko Torenius and other coaches of the club’s system.

The training sessions will be held in accordance with the Red Machine Player Development Program. Special attention at the training sessions will be given to power skating, physical training and individual player technique. Also, for the players, a special program for recovery and correct nutrition will be developed, alongside planned theory sessions concerning match preparation and the training process. The main target of the training camp is to create the required facilities for the adaptation of young players to the demands of senior ice hockey and maximum player preparation in the KHL in terms of the physical, professional and psychological aspects.

The camp at Hockey City will end on July 11, after which the first stage of preparation for the 2019/2020 season will begin for the senior SKA team.

A SKA development camp at Hockey City

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