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Lars Johansson: "You have to be ready to compete"

Pre-season trainingLars Johansson
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Lars Johansson: "You have to be ready to compete"

SKA goalkeeper Lars Johansson:

- Welcome to SKA! You've been living in Russia for four years now. Do you feel at home?

- Yes, you become familiar quite quickly. It's fun being in a new city, there are a lot of things to see and learn. Nevertheless, it still feels familiar to be back.

- What do you think of Saint Petersburg in comparison to Moscow?

- We will see, I've only been here for one day! I've played here a lot, it's a nice, beautiful city. I'll enjoy exploring it.

- In terms of the atmosphere at the Ice Palace, what can you remember?

- They have great fans, the arena is always sold out. Of course, last season was a bit different, but it's a tough building to play in. I'm looking forward to having them on my side!

- You also played at the Gazprom Arena. What was it like playing in front of 60-70 thousand supporters?

- It was crazy! During the warm-ups, there weren't any fans in their seats, so I didn't understand how they were going to fill the stadium. However, when the match started, there were so many people! They really love ice hockey here.

- You set a KHL record last season with seven Gagarin Cup playoff shutouts. What is your secret?

- I don't know about secrets, I just felt good during the playoffs. I'm looking forward to doing it again, maybe I can achieve eight shutouts this time! You want to win every game. The playoffs are far away now, but I'm excited for them.

- The SKA system has many talented young goalkeepers. Are you ready to compete for your spot?

- Of course, you have to be ready. They are young and hungry, SKA always have strong goaltenders. I have to step up my game and compete hard every day.

- In the summer, did you have enough time to relax after the 2020/2021 campaign?

- Yes, it was nice to go home. I subsequently started to work to make sure that I was prepared by the time I came here. This is a new team for me, so I don't know what to expect yet.

- Your children also play ice hockey. Maybe we will see them at Hockey City?

- We'll see, I hope so! They haven't skated much yet, so it would be great to take them out on the ice. I am looking forward to playing in front of the SKA fans too!

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