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Lars Johansson: "We were solid in defence throughout the 60 minutes"

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Lars Johansson: "We were solid in defence throughout the 60 minutes"

HC SKA goalkeeper Lars Johansson:

- I thought that we played a great game defensively. Jokerit had a plan to be defensive today, we were constantly playing against a bank of five. We had good poise, we didn't make any mistakes and it was a nice match for me as a goalkeeper. Thankfully, we scored the winning goal after a great play. We were solid in defence throughout the entire 60 minutes.

- The match in Finland contained a lot of goals. Did you expect today's game to be more defensive?

- I don't know, it's always hard to tell before the game begins. We learned from the mistakes which we made last week. Jokerit are more of attacking team at home, but today was a completely different type of game. The key for us was that we played solidly on the penalty kill against their strong powerplay.

- You have already earned six shutouts for SKA this season. How do you do it?

- A shutout is always a team effort, you can't achieve this without the players who help you and make sacrifices. It really was a team shutout today, the guys blocked pucks and swept it off the line. It's great when the whole team comes together and you see the fighting spirit.

- Marat Khusnutdinov and Oscar Fantenberg twice cleared the puck off the line today. Can they expect a beer or a cake from you as a present?

- No, not any beers! I gave them a hug afterwards. We always say thanks to each other for our hard work when in the dressing room. The beer will have to wait until after the season!

- Personally, are you satisfied with your performance today?

- Yes, it was ok. I made a few mistakes, but luckily my teammates helped me. My personal target for every game is not to let in any goals, so I'm happy today.

- You recently had a new arrival in your family. Does this give you even more inspiration for your performances on the ice?

- I have three children now. It's really nice to have the opportunity to not only think about ice hockey, I switch off when I'm at home with my family.

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