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Leo Komarov: "I want to play at the Olympics, but now I'm only thinking about SKA"

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA forward Leo Komarov:

- This is a disappointing defeat. Lokomotiv played excellently. We didn't play well in the first period, but we improved in the second. We put the pressure on in the third frame, but it wasn't enough.

- You made as many hits today as the entire Lokomotiv team!

- This is the way I play. I only arrived here on Sunday, though, I am still feeling the effects of the time difference.

- Are you satisfied with your SKA debut?

- No, of course I'm not. I always want to win. These things happen, it's life.

- A lot of people were surprised to see you play as a centre forward today.

- I played in that position last season. Let's see what happens in our upcoming matches.

- You have a different role with SKA in comparison to when you played in the NHL.

Leo Komarov: "I want to play at the Olympics, but now I'm only thinking about SKA"

- This was only my first game, and SKA currently have a lot of injuries. Of course, it's great to be on the ice, but the main thing is to win.

- When did you last work on your faceoffs?

- I work on them every single day. I didn't quite understand the new faceoff rules here in the KHL, the guys had warned me before the match started that the regulations have changed. I asked the the linesmen to help me a bit. This is ice hockey, we all try to help each other. I will be ready for Friday.

- Since you last played here, has the KHL changed?

- Yes, a lot of things have changed. When I signed the contract, I was happy to come back to Russia. I am really pleased with how things have progressed in this league.

- Why did you sign with SKA?

- That's a good question. I have a family with two children, they're in Finland which is close to Saint Petersburg. I can go there when we have days off. Plus, I was aware that SKA have fantastic facilities. My relationship with Dynamo Moscow isn't going anywhere, but I want to play ice hockey and be closer to my family. Hopefully, they will soon be able to travel to Saint Petersburg.

- Was it tough to leave the NHL?

- Yes, of course it was, but I want to play ice hockey. When I'm old, I can think about whether it was difficult or not.

- Did you speak to Ilya Sorokin and Semyon Varlamov before leaving the New York Islanders?

- Everything happened quickly. We wished each other luck. I had been training on my own recently.

- Barry Trotz called you Uncle Leo.

- I have good relations with everyone in the NHL, I try to be a good person. I can't say whether I made the right decision, but I need to play. I want to play at my best before the Olympic Games, I have a dream to play at that tournament. Nevertheless, right now I'm just thinking about the next match with SKA.

- Were you told why you were left out of the Islanders team?

- They said it was because of the wage cap. However, maybe I just wasn't in their plans. I'm not offended, it's business.

- Why did you choose the number 74?

- I took the number which I was given. I didn't ask Evgeny Timkin about the number 47, I am not too bothered about numbers.

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