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Leo Komarov: "We started the game well"

Kunlun Red StarLeo KomarovKunlun Red Star - SKA - 040122
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA forward Leo Komarov:

- You were the hero for SKA on Roman Rotenberg's debut as head coach.

- We started well today. Overall, the main thing is that we won. I would like to congratulate Roman with his first game and victory.

- During the opening stages, you appeared to receive an injury. How do you feel now?

- The puck hit me in a certain place which is very painful! I feel fine now, though.

- How do you feel with the general director working as the head coach?

- Roman is our head coach, he coaches us. Our task is to win, and we always listen to him.

- Do you think that he is a talented coach?

- Of course, he is our head coach and we all have mutual respect for each other. Everything will be fine.

- Certain information has suggested that Roman has actually been working as the head coach for the past month.

Leo Komarov: "We started the game well"

- Yes, that is true. He has long been involved in ice hockey, there is respect on both sides. He is very knowledgeable, so we will all help each other.

- You have started scoring goals recently?

- The puck went in after my shots, it's a coincidence.

- Can you remember when any other manager became a coach?

- This issue is being discussed a lot in the media at the moment. However, our management has a better understanding of what SKA needs.

- What is Roman Rotenberg's coaching style?

- Every coach has his own style. He has been in ice hockey for a long time, he's seen a lot of things happen in the sport.

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