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Lev Berdichevsky: "Our penalty kill allowed us to win"

Press-conferenceAmurLev BerdichevskyAmur - SKA - 021020
HC SKA press-service

Interim SKA head coach Lev Berdichevsky:

- It was a difficult game. We had spent a lot of energy in Novosibirsk, so we were lacking freshness today. Nevertheless, even though we did suffer on the counter-attack and made mistakes at the blue line, we controlled the match. The guys did a good job on the penalty kill, this component allowed us to win.

- Nikita Chibrikov scored the youngest SKA goal in the KHL.

- I am happy for Nikita Chibrikov and Ivan Volodin, they both registered their first senior goals for us today. This shows that the fourth line is also attacking with aggression.

- Ivan Volodin tallied two points.

- I like his work ethic. He follows the game plan, competes with commitment and plays in a physical manner. That is important for us.

- What do you think about the performance of Mikhail Berdin?

- He did really well today! In the dressing room, the guys deservedly crowned him the best player of the game. Mikhail is a high quality goalkeeper, even if he didn't earn a shutout today.

Lev Berdichevsky: "Our penalty kill allowed us to win"

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