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Lev Berdichevsky: "We are happy to win in Novosibirsk"

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Temporary SKA head coach Lev Berdichevsky:

- It was an interesting game with a lot of goals. However, we would, of course, like to concede less goals. It's always tough to play in Novosibirsk, so we are happy to win today. It was important for our young guys and myself to earn a victory at last.

- How would you rate the debuts of Yakov Trenin, Dmitry Zavgorodniy and Mikhail Maltsev?

- They did well. Dmitry had a few chances to score, while Mikhail was reliable and competed solidly on the penalty kill. Yakov also produced a good performance.

- You are constantly changing the interim head coaches. Is this having an effect on the team?

- Everyone else is also participating in the process at a distance. We are constantly sharing our opinions. The effect on the players? This is a situation which the world is currently in. The players have to do their job, no matter who the coach is. They understand the game plan, they are professional ice hockey players. We discuss all details with Roman Rotenberg and Valery Bragin.

- How is Roman Rotenberg?

- He flew to undergo an in-depth medical examination. That's all I know.

Lev Berdichevsky: "We are happy to win in Novosibirsk"

- When did you find out that you were going to be the head coach? And what emotions do you have?

- I feel exhausted now, the match has only just finished. Of course, it's nice to win with the team. I found out when we only had two coaches left.

- Defenseman Kirill Kirsanov, born in 2002, was on the ice for almost 24 minutes. How ready is his body for such tough physical work in such a match?

- We are doing a good job of coaching the young players. Kirill is a promising defenseman, he played around 20 minutes per game for SKA-1946. He is growing up fast, so it's fine.

- You competed in Novosibirsk during your playing career. As a consequence, is it even more special to earn your maiden KHL coaching victory here?

- It's nice to come here, I spent two good seasons in Novosibirsk, I know a lot of people here. I like the city and how the fans support the team. We're staying in the centre of the city, so I felt nostalgic looking at the places where I used to go. I say hello to Novosibirsk's supporters and everyone who remembers me.

- Albert Leshchev wasn't on the bench today.

- Today, everyone at the rink was 200% healthy. We are controlling the situation, this road trip continues. I wish everyone health at this tough time.

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