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Lukas Bengtsson: "This is a great opportunity for me"

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Lukas Bengtsson: "This is a great opportunity for me"

- How did you spend your summer?

- I was in Cyprus for one week with my girlfriend, but apart from that, I was in Sweden all of the time.

- How do you feel about transferring to SKA?

- I have heard only good things about SKA, the city, the organisation and the facilities. This is one of the best clubs in Europe, so this is a great opportunity for me.

- Did you know any of the Swedish players currently on the SKA roster?

- I knew Magnus Hellberg from when we played together at the Karjala Cup, but I didn't know David. However, they're both really nice guys, and they have helped me here in Russia.

- What do you know about Saint Petersburg?

- To be honest, I don't know a lot about the place. Nevertheless, I have heard that it's a great city, and Magnus Hellberg showed me a nice Indian resturant yesterday. There's a lot of old buildings here and I like it.

- It's assumed that pre-season training in Russia is very difficult.

- I've never done it before, so it's exciting to see what it's like. The summer was short, but I tried to prepare as much as I could. It will be fun and tough, and you just have to battle.

- SKA have switched to a smaller ice size.

- I spent two years in the USA with the Pittsburgh organisation, so I have played on the smaller rink before. The game is quicker. The zones are smaller and the ice hockey is more end-to-end.

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