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Lukas Bengtsson: "We'll take the two points and good things with us"

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Lukas Bengtsson: "We'll take the two points and good things with us"

HC SKA defenseman Lukas Bengtsson:

- It was ok from us today, but I think that we weren't at the standard of the game with CSKA. Severstal is a good team, they play hard and skate well. The main thing is that we got the win and the two points. We'll take these two points and the good aspects of this match and get ready for Dynamo Moscow.

- You played in a defensive partnership with Oscar Fantenberg.

- First of all, he is an amazing defenseman and friend, we've played together before. As you've all seen, he is great on the ice, one of the best defensemen. He conceded his first goal in his 16th appearance against CSKA! It's fun to play with him, hopefully we will continue playing together because it felt really good today.

- You missed a couple of SKA matches. How do you feel?

- Yes, I did miss a couple of matches, but it's good that I played in three games with the Swedish national team. I try to keep my physical fitness as good as possible if I'm injured. I felt really good today.

- Why didn't Oscar Fantenberg and yourself play very well against Russia in the Euro Hockey Tour last week?

- Russia have a really good team, they won the tournament. From my perspective, it was my first game in 10 days, I felt that a little bit. It was an ok game, though, just not as successful as today. We keep moving forward and we learnt from that match.

- What did Magnus Hellberg bring to the bench in the first period?

- It was a little tooth. Magnus has a tooth which comes off sometimes. He found it on the ice and gave it to the doctor, it wasn't anything major. He accidentally hit it with a water bottle, so it's his own fault! I guess he'll have to go to the dentist again to fix it back in.

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