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Magnus Hellberg: "These events are great for the fans"

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- It was a difficult game. The opponents took advantage of their good opportunity in the third period. It's fantastic when you have 60 thousand fans at you match, and I really wanted to win.

- The ice made the puck jump a bit.

- It was hot inside the stadium, and, as the match progressed, it was difficult to keep the ice in good condition. However, both teams were in the same boat, so we can't complain. The ice did not affect the result. It was a good game, but they scored, and we didn't.

- Was there only one goal because of the ice?

- No. I think that both teams had good chances. Yes, it is tougher to score when the ice isn't great, but it didn't affect the result.

- Should the KHL hold such games on a more regular basis?

- I think that these events are great both for the supporters and the KHL. It's wonderful for ice hockey.

Magnus Hellberg: "These events are great for the fans"

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