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Maxim Karpov: "Victories make us more confident"

Maxim KarpovSeverstal - SKA - 080917
HC SKA press-service

- The guys did a great job, it was a successful away trip.

- Which match on this road trip was the most difficult?

- It's tough playing against anyone. All teams play fast ice hockey, so it's never easy.

- Are you happy with your line's performance?

- This was only our first game together. Hopefully, things will continue to go well in future matches.

- What's the first thing you will do after arriving back in Saint Petersburg?

- I'll go home to see my wife.

- It seemed as though it was an easy win.

- No, the other team played well too.

- Does the winning streak make you more relaxed?

- No. It gives us more confidence.

Maxim Karpov: "Victories make us more confident"

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