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Marat Khusnutdinov: "Both goalkeepers were excellent"

LokomotivMarat KhusnutdinovSKA - Lokomotiv - 051021
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA forward Marat Khusnutdinov:

- It was like a playoff game today, it was an excellent match from both teams.

- Let's talk about your winning goal.

- I went to collect the rebound, as I saw that the goalkeeper hadn't managed to freeze the puck. I needed to take advantage of the fact that the referee had not blown his whistle. I stole the puck, the goaltender turned to face me and I knocked it into the net off his body.

- Are Lokomotiv your favourite opponents? You've scored against them both times so far this season!

- Yes, I'm enjoying playing against them.

- In comparison to the September game against Lokomotiv, how have Yaroslavl changed?

- The system has changed slightly. Lokomotiv play really well, they create a lot of opportunities to score.

- How tough was it to compete against Lokomotiv's defence?

- Both teams were solid in defence, and the goaltenders were great too.

Marat Khusnutdinov: "Both goalkeepers were excellent"

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