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Mikhail Berdin: "We could have played a lot better"

SpartakMikhail BerdinSKA - Spartak - 221020
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SKA goalkeeper Mikhail Berdin:

- It wasn't our best match, we could have played a lot better. It's time for us to beat good opponents. We will analyse our mistakes and prepare for serious games.

- How difficult was it to enter this game in the second period?

- Emotionally it wasn't tough at all. I was a bit cold, but I felt comfortable after saving a couple of shots.

- What happened to SKA today? To put it lightly, it wasn't the team's best performance.

- Everyone has ups and downs. We need to get together and climb out of this hole sooner rather than later. I spoke with the guys after this match and we will prepare for the next game.

- The fans created a hot atmosphere today.

- I don't know about the other guys, but I love the way the ultras support the team. Both SKA and Spartak had a lot of supporters inside the arena, it was a big rivalry. I love these events in sport.

Mikhail Berdin: "We could have played a lot better"

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