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Mikhail Berdin: "Everything comes with experience"

SibirMikhail BerdinSKA - Sibir - 230920
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- Could you have stopped any of the shots for Sibir's four goals?

- Yes, of course. I am not satisfied with my performance. Personally, I think that I am fully to blame for Sibir's second and third goals. In truth, it was tough for me physically, I hadn't played for a long time. Everything comes with experience, and I think I will improve in the coming matches. I only spent three or four training sessions with the team before this game.

- Where did you travel to Saint Petersburg from?

- I was with my family in Sochi. I had been training hard before I came to Saint Petersburg, so I had time to get back into shape. Nevertheless, it is always difficult when you don't participate in official matches for a long time.

- SKA had a young roster today with Roman Rotenberg on the bench.

- Different situations occur during your career, I simply tried to focus on my own performance. I tried to help the team as much as possible. Regardless of age, everyone was wearing the SKA badge on their chest.

- SKA already have a lot of goalkeepers in the squad.

- I'm not thinking about that, I've come here to do my work. I am used to competition.

- You haven't played in Russia for a long time.

- To be honest, I didn't notice a big difference. Ice hockey is the same everywhere, especially when you consider that the rinks have become smaller here. The puck and sticks are the same. Do I want to score in the KHL? I haven't thought about that.

- When did you know that you were going to play today?

- Yesterday evening.

Mikhail Berdin: "Everything comes with experience"

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