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Mikhail Berezovsky: "I always try my best in every match and training session"

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- As a result of my school exams, I spent all of my free time during the summer preparing for them. After they finished, I subsequently began training. I spent one and a half weeks at my summer house.

- What exams did you take?

- Mathematics, Russian and social science. I was happy that I received a high mark for maths, as I had spent the majority of my time preparing for that particular exam. In the future, I am planning to enter a study program concerning sporting management.

- Last season was your first at a professional level.

- I simply tried my best during every match and training session. Overall, I managed to play well in defence and also score some goals for SKA-Varyagi and SKA-1946, receiving a great experience in the MHL. Of course, I could have played better, but I was pleased with the result. I can now say that I have fully adapted to my new team and the MHL, and I will do everything possible in order to achieve success.

- What can you say about the SKA Development Camp?

- I can only say great things! Highly qualified specialists are working with us, they are using a very professional approach concerning all aspects of the training process. The facilities here are perfect! At first, we worked on our skating and how to hold the stick, seeing as the break since last season had been quite long. We feel in excellent shape.

Mikhail Berezovsky: "I always try my best in every match and training session"

- Can you tell us what aspects you are working on?

- We're working on all aspects of the sport: how to join the rush and to build mutual understanding with our teammates.

- What are your expectations for the 2021/2022 campaign?

- The main thing is to win the MHL Kharlamov Cup, all teams in the league want to achieve this. It's clear just how much we are all fired up and determined to win. Naturally, I would like to play in the senior leagues too, but right now I am focused on winning the MHL. We have everything in place to win.

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