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Mikhail Maltsev: "Competition always helps you grow"

UgraMikhail MaltsevSKA - Ugra - 211117
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- Have you got used to Moscow's time zone again?

- It was difficult during the first two days, but it's a bit easier on the third day. When you're called up to the first team, you don't think about those things.

- Ugra look like a comfortable opponent for SKA, but your team are playing better on the road than at home. What are the dangers of today's match?

- All teams want to beat SKA. We've only lost matches at home, but these things happen. You can't win all of the time.

- How would you rate your Super Series performance?

- The first half of the series went well for me. However, I then became tired from all of the travelling. It took a whole day to travel to the next city, so it made me lose energy.

- Was it disappointing to lose the Super Series in a penalty shootout?

- Yes, it's always disappointing to lose, but shootouts are a lottery.

- Do you like working with Valery Bragin?

- This is the second year I've worked with him. He's a good coach.

Mikhail Maltsev: "Competition always helps you grow"

- Before the World Junior Championship, what can you say about the Russian national team's strengths?

- All players are good. After losing the first match 0:7, we managed to not lose the second game. We fought until the end. Everyone has character.

- The World Junior Championship will start soon. Are you packing your bags?

- Anything can happen. Maybe I won't be included on the roster. I am preparing for any news.

- Having lost the first fixture 0:7 in the Super Series, how did you prepare for the second?

- All of the guys understood that we couldn't lose. Fans, parents and relatives were all watching the matches. Valery Bragin found the right words, and the captain supported us.

- Were Valery Bragin's words publishable?

- No.

- Vadim Shipachyov has returned to SKA. Has competition for your position become even bigger?

- I only met him today. The more centre forwards, the better: competition always helps you grow.

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