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Mikhail Maltsev: "I was really nervous when making my debut"

AvtomobilistSKA - Avtomobilist - 130917Mikhail Maltsev
HC SKA press-service

- Share your impressions from your second KHL appearance.

- I was really nervous at the start, just like on Monday. In that first game, I wasn't even aware when I skated out for my debut shift. However, I did play at the pre-season tournament in Sochi. The guys supported me.

- Is there a huge difference between the KHL and the VHL?

- No, not really. In the VHL, players even skate faster. In the KHL, players are more clever and they try to make more passing players. The VHL has a North American style.

- Did SKA's leading players give you advice?

- My linemates always tell me how to play and where I have made mistakes. They are all supporting me.

- Are the players starting to prepare for Metallurg Magnitogorsk?

- No, we're preparing for every game. We want to continue our winning streak. Nevertheless, I think that Magnitogorsk will be our toughest opponents.

Mikhail Maltsev: "I was really nervous when making my debut"

- Are you satisfied with your own performance?

- Yes, I would give myself 4 out of 5.

- Have you been following Metallurg Magnitogorsk's matches?

- I am always watching how our future opponents are playing. I like to see how their leading players have been performing.

- Why didn't you give yourself 5 out of 5?

- I wanted to play in attack more. However, I didn't make mistakes.

- Did your nerves prevent you from taking more shots?

- The coaches have asked me to strictly stick to the game plan, especially in defence.

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