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Mikhail Pashnin: "Hockey City really is a fantastic complex"

Pre-season trainingHockey CityMikhail Pashnin
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA defenseman Mikhail Pashnin:

- Welcome to Saint Petersburg!

- It's great to be here, this is the cultural capital. I'm happy to be in the city.

- You had previously said that you regularly visited as a tourist.

- I like the city with its wonderful buildings and bridges. I also like taking a boat ride and going away from the centre, I often take walks with my family and dogs in Repino.

- How was your summer break?

- I travelled to the Altay region with my family, we had a lot of fun.

- What do you think about the Hockey City complex?

- It contains all of the necessary facilities for training sessions, it is a fantastic complex. It's down to us to train and play.

Mikhail Pashnin: "Hockey City really is a fantastic complex"

- Recently, you engaged in an interesting training session with your dog.

- When we got home after our walk, our dog started to chase after the ball. My stick was next to me, so I picked it up and we both had a good workout!

- Do you know a lot of members of the current SKA group?

- Yes, I even played with coaches Albert Leshchyov and Evgeny Koreshkov. I know everyone here.

- What are your expectations for the campaign?

- We only want the championship! Support us and we will reply with victories.

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