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Mikhail Vorobyov: "Our job was to prepare for the match"

SochiMikhail VorobyovSKA - HC Sochi - 130122
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA forward Mikhail Vorobyov:

- This was a tough match for SKA.

- The main thing is that we followed the game plan. Their goalkeeper made a lot of difficult saves, but our goaltender was also excellent.

- You scored a great goal during the third period.

- Mikko Lehtonen joined the attacking play, stole the attention of the Sochi defence, Danila Moiseev got involved and I managed to hit the target after receiving a pass. For their goal, Sochi took advantage of a mistake from us to score.

- Why do you celebrate by holding your hands to your ears?

- That's a secret.

- When Sochi scored, it seemed as though SKA's forwards switched off.

- To be honest, I didn't quite see what happened, I was speaking to the coaches following my latest shift on the ice.

- When did you find out that this game was going to take place?

- This purely depended on the KHL, our job was to focus on preparing for the match.

Mikhail Vorobyov: "Our job was to prepare for the match"

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