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Mikhail Vorobyov: "We remained focused despite the large score"

InterviewAdmiralMikhail VorobyovSKA - Admiral - 060921
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HC SKA forward Mikhail Vorobyov:

- How do you feel after such a large victory?

- It's great to win like this, the main thing is that we achieved the required result. We tried to follow the game plan and compete as a united unit.

- You scored your first SKA goal too.

- I was happy, of course, but I needed to continue playing in the correct manner. The main thing is that the team won, it doesn't matter who scores.

- Have you got used to your new teammates?

- The guys immediately helped me when I arrived, as did our staff.

- What was SKA's game plan today?

- We had to follow what the coaches said, not make tactical mistakes and play for each other. Was it difficult to maintain focus when leading by so many goals? No, we didn't pay attention to that, the coaches instructed us to keep focused.

Mikhail Vorobyov: "We remained focused despite the large score"

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