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Miro Aaltonen and Linden Vey speak after beating Neftekhimik

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Miro Aaltonen and Linden Vey speak after beating Neftekhimik

Miro Aaltonen:

- I think that it wasn't our best game, but Alexander Samonov played well and we scored five goals. It's good that we won. We will take the positives and prepare for the next match.

- After scoring your hat trick, were you surprised that not many caps were thrown onto the ice?

- I like scoring goals, of course. I was happy to score two or maybe three goals, as my last goal might have been scored by Anton Burdasov instead. Maybe that's why there weren't many caps on the ice! I was happy with the way I played today.

Linden Vey:

- It was a good game. We managed to win two matches at home, that's what we needed to do. It wasn't our best effort tonight, but we found a way to win. We will take some good things with us and move on to the next one.

- SKA seemed to give Neftekhimik the initiative at one point.

- We have taken too many penalties in our first five games. We lose the flow of the game when we run into penalty trouble, this is something which we certainly need to improve. It's always tough to win on the road, so we have to fix this in the upcoming matches.

- Did you plan to make such an unexpected pass to Miro Aaltonen for his first goal?

- It happened in the spur of the moment. I initially tried to find Vladimir Tkachyov at the back door, but the pass wasn't available. I found Miro who had a great game.

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