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Mobile COVID-19 vaccination station at the Ice Palace!

HC SKA press-service

On the 6th and 8th of April, fans who attend SKA's third and fourth matches against CSKA Moscow at the Saint Petersburg Ice Palace in the third round of the 2020/2021 KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs will be able to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

In the lobby between sectors 408 and 409, there will be a mobile vaccination station organised jointly with the Centre for Medical Services and City Clinic No.94. Members of the public can receive either their first or second dose of the vaccine.

The station will open one hour before the start of each of the games.

To carry out the vaccination, you must have a Russian Federation passport as well as medical documents. Separately, we note that access to the Ice Palace is carried out only with tickets for matches. If you subsequently require the second vaccination in 21 days' time, it can be undertaken at any medical organisations' headquarters or at one of the mobile points.

Beforehand, please read the vaccination leaflet.

Be healthy!

Mobile COVID-19 vaccination station at the Ice Palace!

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