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Nail Yakupov: "It was a good test ahead of the KHL"

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- All of Saint Petersburg believes in your line with Pavel Datsyuk and Nikita Gusev. What do you have to say?

- It gives extra motivation to Pavel, Nikita and myself. We will try to help the team. If we perform well and the fans enjoy how we play, we'll be happy to continue doing our thing.

- How important are these difficult matches ahead of the KHL?

- Yes, 100%, these matches are very important. After the training camps, all teams are a bit tired. I think that it was a good test before the KHL. We played against a lot of clubs, and there will be no easy games in the season, no one wants to lose. It's great that we won two competitions this summer and this gives us extra motivation for the KHL.

- Viktor Tikhonov scored twice today. How did you congratulate him?

- We said to him that he's played brilliantly! We congratulate each other in different ways. Viktor played excellently today and could even have had a hat trick.

- Was this match against Jokerit the most difficult at the Nikolai Puchkov memorial tournament?

- Yes, I think so. I only played in two games against Kunlun Red Star and Jokerit, and today's match was a lot tougher. Jokerit are a good team and when I watched KHL matches last season, they were always among the leaders and played very well. It won't be easy against Jokerit.

- After Viktor Tikhonov's first goal, you were seen saying something to him for a long time. Were there some secret words spoken?

- Yes!

Nail Yakupov: "It was a good test ahead of the KHL"

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