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Nail Yakupov: "Everyone contributed to the victory over Lokomotiv"

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- You scored two goals against goalkeepers born in 1998 and 2000.

- I don't care who is in the opposing net. All players want to win. Our task is to tally two points and I'm satisfied that I took advantage of my opportunities.

- SKA managed to suddenly score four goals in the second period?

- In the first two minutes of the game, Lokomotiv kept the puck in our zone, while we lost a bit of our concentration. However, after that, we understood how we needed to play. Everyone contributed to this victory, starting from Igor Shestyorkin to the defensemen and forwards. We all worked hard and were a united unit.

- What did the coaches have to say in the break between the first and second periods?

- We needed to play a lot calmer. The defensemen had a task of finding our forwards on the wings so that we began to create chances in the opposing zone. When we just dumped the puck in, we were struggling, at times Lokomotiv's young and mobile players were faster than us. It was a game of small details and individual duels.

- SKA completed this particular 2018/2019 KHL away series with a positive goal difference of 16-1. Which match was the most interesting?

- All of them. It's great when you win, so it's not important who you're playing against. All of the guys are in a good mood, especially because we're going home to rest and prepare for future matches.

- What's the first thing you'll do upon arrival in Saint Petersburg?

- I will go home and sleep.

Nail Yakupov: "Everyone contributed to the victory over Lokomotiv"

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