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Nail Yakupov: "We wanted to fly home in a good mood"

AdmiralNail YakupovAdmiral - SKA - 291218
HC SKA press-service

- Why did Admiral take a 2:0 lead in the first period?

- I don't know. Maybe the smaller ice played a role. With their fans cheering them on, they played well. We weren't ready. Nevertheless, we managed to make a comeback, even if it wasn't easy taking into account Admiral's desire to win. Thank you to the opponents for a good game.

- A lot have spoken about getting used to the time difference.

-We're all in the same boat. We are sticking to Moscow time and are trying not to move away from our routine. However, it is a bit strange, there wasn't any sun when we arrived and woke up. We all know how to prepare for matches so there wasn't a problem.

- What did the coaches say before overtime?

- Overtime is all about playing until someone makes a mistake. Both the coaches and players wanted to win, we were eager to fly home in a good mood.

Nail Yakupov: "We wanted to fly home in a good mood"

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