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Nail Yakupov: "There are always emotions when you score"

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- You were emotional when celebrating your first goal?

- I was happy to score. There are always emotions when you hit the back of the net.

- Which of your two goals was the best?

- I don't like to speak about that. We're happy about winning and now we move on. Overall, we're satisfied with the performance, however there were moments when we didn't play at our best. Nevertheless, we played excellently in the first stage of the opening period and the entire third frame. The key moment was when we killed the penalty in the second stanza. Those moments always give you a required boost.

- How do you feel physically after working hard during the international break?

- Physically I'm fine. We are building up a reserve which will help us during the KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs. Our work is continuing.

- When will you score a hat trick?

- I don't know. I will try.

- What can you say about Lokomotiv Yaroslavl?

- It's always difficult to play against Yaroslavl. They have a mobile, well-organised team all over the ice. It will be a good test for us, while also being an interesting, tense game.

Nail Yakupov: "There are always emotions when you score"

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