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Nail Yakupov: "It's always great to play at home"

BarysNail YakupovSKA - Barys - 230120
HC SKA press-service

- How did you manage to shake off Barys' challenge during the third period?

- It was a fun match for the supporters. We haven't had a game like this for a while. If we look at it from a technical point of view, we made lots of mistakes. We needed to move out from our zone quicker, because Barys pinned us by our own net. Our mistakes and tiredness were punished with goals. After the second period, we understood that we couldn't commit any more errors, and we wanted to shoot a lot against their new goalkeeper. Overall, the third period was great for us.

- Did you want to shoot into the near corner for your first goal?

- Yes. Henrik Karlsson had only just joined the game, so we needed to immediately test him. In those situations, any shot is dangerous.

- How many hours did you spend working on your penalty shot technique at training?

- I don't know exactly how many hours were spent working on this, but I have worked hard. In fact, I am not a great taker of penalty shots, but I managed to score this one.

- Why was it such a fun game today?

- It's always wonderful to play at home in front of your fans. It was an open match, the supporters had the chance to cheer seven times. We did too!

Nail Yakupov: "It's always great to play at home"

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