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Nikita Gusev: "The main thing is that we won"

Dynamo MoscowNikita GusevSKA - Dynamo Msk - 100317
HC SKA press-service

- How do you feel after such a tough ending to the match?

- I have positive emotions. The main thing is that we won. We move on.

- Did you become nervous after conceding a goal?

- It was a bad moment in the match, especially given that we conceded from neutral ice. However, we understood that we had to hold on and win.

- In comparison to the first match, did your line play more physically?

- No, I think that it was a regular playoff game.

- You didn't have to switch to a more physical style of play?

- This is the playoffs, you always play differently. If we have an opportunity to make a pass, we always do that.

- How did Dynamo change the game after the first period?

- The first period was more aggressive, but then both teams changed their tactics.

- On the powerplay, did you change things?

- I won't tell you that.

Nikita Gusev: "The main thing is that we won"

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