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Nikita Gusev: "I knew what to do for my penalty shot"

CSKANikita GusevCSKA - SKA - 090117
HC SKA press-service

- How did you react when CSKA scored their goal in overtime?

- At that time, I was on the bench next to the blue line. It was an obvious offside, I knew that we would take our coach's challenge. I wasn't worried.

- What went through your mind before taking your penalty shot?

- Last time, I didn't score against Ilya Sorokin. I knew what I was going to do.

- This wasn't the first 3 on 3 overtime for SKA. Have you already got used to it?

- It's interesting. However, all teams try their best not to make mistakes in defence.

- Are you upset about not being picked for the KHL All-Star Game?

- No, everything's fine.

- For you personally, are matches in CSKA's Ice Palace special for you?

- Yes, there is a special atmosphere. It's hard to play here.

Nikita Gusev: "I knew what to do for my penalty shot"

- Did you watch the World Junior Championship?

- Yes, the players did a great job. Third place is a good result too.

- Why did SKA lose four games in a row?

- These things happen, you can't win all the time. We tried to turn it around and move forward.

- CSKA have almost caught you up in the standings.

- We play every game to win, we don't look at the KHL table.

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