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Nikita Gusev: "I always have special motivation for playing Spartak"

Spartak MoscowNikita GusevSKA - Spartak - 021215
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- Does the team always have special motivation for playing Spartak?

- For me personally, it's always special. I come from an army club.

- Did everyone else have more motivation?

- The team understands that we need to make the fans happy and play better at home.

- Was the second period key?

- Yes, we score three goals. We had chances to score even more, but everything worked out well.

- Is the left faceoff circle your spot for scoring?

- I wouldn't say that. I just don't want the goaltender to see the moment when I shoot.

- Did you want to shoot low for your goal?

- Yes, I shot under the goalkeeper's leg.

- Did you study Atte Engren's style beforehand?

- No, I simply prepared for this game.

Nikita Gusev: "I always have special motivation for playing Spartak"

- Does your mutual understanding with Vadim Shipachyov and Evgeny Dadonov on the ice and off help you?

- Of course, when we talk more, when we play more games together, we play better. I think that everything will be fine.

- Was this game easy?

- Our goaltender saved us on a number of occasions today, the game wasn't easy at all.

- Did the team want to help Igor Shestyorkin to keep a shutout?

- Yes, everyone knew that he wanted to not concede a goal.

- Have you changed your hairstyle to put off the opponents?

- No, I just wanted to change something, try a new style.

- Why have SKA won four games in a row? Has something changed within the team?

- We're working, we always try to win.

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