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Nikita Gusev: "Two goals in the first period helped us win"

Nikita GusevLokomotiv - SKA - 021017
HC SKA press-service

- Do you have special emotions from your four goals?

- No, but every goal was nice. Thanks to my teammates.

- In the first period, were you afraid that Lokomotiv were going to take the match?

- Lokomotiv scored an early goal, they started well. However, it's great that we managed to score two quick goals which then allowed us to play our own game.

- You gave Sergei Plotnikov a chance to score.

- We wanted Sergei to score, he had a lot of chances. We're happy.

- Is this the first time when you scored four goals in the KHL?

- Yes, of course it is. Maybe when I have a rest, I will feel happy. It was a tough game.

- How do the players get motivated for games after winning 16 in a row?

- It's not important how many matches we have won. We want to win every game. so our mindset is always the same.

- At the press-conference, Oleg Znarok was asked if SKA could win all KHL regular season games.

- Well done for asking.

- Now we put the same question to you.

- I don't know.

Nikita Gusev: "Two goals in the first period helped us win"

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