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Nikita Sedov: "Such a celebration gives you extra motivation to win"

CSKAInterviewNikita SedovSKA - CSKA - 221221
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HC SKA defenseman Nikita Sedov:

- It was a tense game, CSKA improved in the third period and took advantage of their opportunities. We also made mistakes. However, I think that it was an interesting match for the supporters. The main thing is that we won.

- Today is SKA's 75th anniversary. Did this add pressure?

- No, such a celebration gives you extra motivation to win. It was great to participate in a game like this.

- What happened to SKA in the third period?

- Perhaps we lost focus. CSKA took their movement up to the next level, they scored a quick goal and improved with every passing shift. The two goals which we conceded were disappointing.

- Did you have the task of playing cautiously in the third frame?

- Yes, we wanted to protect the score and play with confidence. This is life, mistakes happen, especially in ice hockey. It's good that we subsequently managed to win.

Nikita Sedov: "Such a celebration gives you extra motivation to win"

- CSKA often pull their goalkeeper for the extra skater in overtime. Did you speak about this in the dressing room?

- Personally, I didn't hear anything about that. However, I did see that Ivan Fedotov did try to skate to the bench on a couple of occasions.

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