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Nikolai Knyzhov: "We must continue working"

AvangardNikolai KnyzhovAvangard - SKA - 040219
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- This is the second consecutive match when SKA couldn't score.

- I haven't got an exact answer as to why that happened. It's ice hockey, anything can happen. The main thing is that we're working. It was a tough game and we tried hard. Both teams had opportunities. We have to continue working hard and the victories will come.

- How did the loss of Dinar Khafizullin affect the team?

- It was a huge loss. Both Dinar and Alexei Byvaltsev are excellent players and we missed them on the ice. Hopefully, they will both return soon.

- Nevertheless, considering the injuries, you will have more chances to play for the main SKA team?

- Yes, personally for me it's a good thing, but it's bad overall for the team. I will try to use my chance to help the team.

- Was Jose Mourinho an unlucky charm?

- I don't think that has anything to do with it.

- He fell over at the ceremonial faceoff.

- These things happen. Maybe the carpet was laid down poorly. I hope that he didn't get injured.

Nikolai Knyzhov: "We must continue working"

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