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Nikolai Knyzhov: "The level is higher in the KHL than in the VHL"

Dinamo RigaNikolai KnyzhovSKA - Dinamo R - 260119

- Congratulations on your KHL debut! How do you feel?

- I have only positive emotions, the main thing that the team won and I feel happy.

- Did you feel nervous? And what did your teammates say?

- Yes, of course there were some nerves, especially in my first shifts. During the second half of the game, I began to improve, and my teammates supported me.

- What did you think about the atmosphere at the Yubileyny Arena?

- The ice here is smaller. The fans came to support us and I liked the atmosphere.

- We saw some of your personal fans inside the stadium.

- They are SKA-Neva supporters. I am really happy that they came to the match, thanks to them for the support.

- What dd you remember about your first shift?

- I think that it will sit in my head for a very long time. I tried to forget about it quickly and focus on the match.

- Did you get told off in the dressing room for conceding a goal in that shift?

- No, everyone supported me. The puck fell to a Dinamo Riga stick.

- What is the main difference between the KHL and VHL?

- The game is slightly quicker in the KHL. You have to make decisions faster and the players are more technical. The level is higher here, but you have to get used to it and continue working.

- Vasily Podkolzin is in the same situation?

- Yes, and he's two years younger than me!

Nikolai Knyzhov: "The level is higher in the KHL than in the VHL"

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