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Nikolai Maslov: A captain with a big heart

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In the 1986/1987 campaign, a season where SKA won a USSR championship bronze medal for the first time, Leningrad had a real team. Sergei Cherkas, Mikhail Kravets, Vyacheslav Lavrov, Igor Evdokimov, Svyatoslav Khalizov, Mikhail Panin and Nikolai Drozdetsky were all on the roster. However, Nikolai Maslov stood out above the rest. Despite being a great leader on the ice, he was a nice person off it too. Because of those reasons, he was SKA's captain during that bronze season.

Nikolai Maslov became a successful player early on in his career. With HC CSKA Moscow, he won the 1977 USSR championship before taking the 1979 World Junior Championship title. When a SKA player, he played in one line with Alexei Kasatonov and Nikolai Drozdetsky. Unfortunately, in 1980, he was sent to the army as a result of an argument with his coach. He was forced into forgetting about ice hockey for two years.

In order to return with a bang, you are required to have huge character. Nikolai proved his talent in his first season back in ice hockey, taking part in 42 of the 44 1982/1983 USSR championship. A year later, his winning goal SKA break CSKA's record of 39 consecutive matches without dropping a point.

Nikolai Maslov: A captain with a big heart

Those two years out of the sport prevented Nikolai from becoming a true goal scorer, but his fighting qualities were a large reason why SKA won USSR championship bronze in 1987.

Nikolai moved to Europe in the early 1990's, but he soon returned to Saint Petersburg where he had to play as a defenseman in a few matches because of a lack of players.

Later on in 1998, he was appointed as SKA head coach after Boris Mikhaylov took his leave. Nikolai didn't manage to achieve big things managing the team, but he left his mark. Kirill Safronov established himself as a first team player during Nikolai's reign.

In 2012, Nikolai Maslov was introduced in SKA's Hall of Fame. He will always be remembered...

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