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Nikolai Prokhorkin: "The team got the full six points on this road trip"

Nikolai ProkhorkinSalavat Yulaev - SKA - 041017
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- How do you feel? Salavat played a physical game against you.

- These things happen in ice hockey. Everything seems to be fine.

- Will SKA be ready to play Sibir in Saint Petersburg?

- I hope so. The main thing is to be in shape.

- Out of ten, what rating would you give SKA for this away series.

- Ten. We got the full six points, scored a lot of goals and played well.

- Which of the six goals was the best?

- It's hard to say. They were all great.

- Maybe the goal with Igor Shestyorkin's assist?

- It's always great when the goalkeeper makes an assist.

- Did you expect Grigory Panin to play so dirty against you?

- I don't think that he wanted to give me an injury. I played with him for CSKA Moscow, so I know that he always plays like that. He tried to hit me, I beat him and he crashed into my knee.

Nikolai Prokhorkin: "The team got the full six points on this road trip"

- Was it special playing in Ufa again?

- Yes, I spent one whole year playing here. My soul was in Ufa. It's nice to travel here, they have a great atmosphere at the stadium.

- Are you following SKA's potential winning record?

- I don't know how many wins we need for a record.

- SKA have tied Avangard's KHL record for 18 consecutive wins.

- That's great. I actually thought that we had won 16 matches. To be honest, I haven't paid attention to this at all.

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