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Nikolai Prokhorkin: "I took advantage of my opportunities"

Nikolai ProkhorkinAdmiralSKA - Admiral - 180118
HC SKA press-service

- Your impressions from the match?

- I was given a chance on the powerplay and more ice time. My teammates played well, I had opportunities and I managed to take advantage.

- Do you know understand how Vadim Shipachyov plays in that line?

- Yes, certainly!

- When scoring your third goal, did you want to shoot the puck into the goalkeeper's back?

- I did, because there were no other options. There wasn't any space.

- Did you think about scoring a fifth goal?

- To be honest, yes. However, there wasn't a lot of time remaining.

- Caps were thrown on to the ice. Did you count them?

- I saw two or three. There were more? Thank you to everyone for the hats!

- What should be given for four goals?

- I don't know, I haven't scored four goals in one game before today.

Nikolai Prokhorkin: "I took advantage of my opportunities"

- It was a special day in Saint Petersburg. Did you win for those who survived the Leningrad Blockade?

- Yes. We couldn't perform badl.

- Have these four goals given you a place on the Olympic roster?

- If only it was that easy! I think that the coaches have already chosen who will play at the Olympic Games. We'll find out on January 25.

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