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Nikolai Prokhorkin: "Our task is to win matches"

LadaNikolai ProkhorkinSKA - Lada - 110917
HC SKA press-service

- At the start, did you plan to hold on before going for Lada?

- We tried to play ice hockey, but things didn't go our way during the opening stages. I think that our road trip took its toll. We had to acclimatize.

- Did Lada listen to Oleg Znarok's advice for SKA's opponents to play a more simple game?

- All teams want to come here and beat us. Lada aren't an exception, they fought hard today and wanted to win the match.

- Your expectations for the match against Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg?

- We simply want to play our own game. Our task is to win.

- Sergei Plotnikov or Alexander Barabanov?

- Sergei Plotnikov, of course! I like how my line is playing. When we play with Alexander Barabanov, our style changes a bit.

- Have you found mutual understanding with Nikita Gusev?

- I don't know, but it doesn't really bother me. It's easy to find mutual understanding, we aren't playing different sports after all.

- Do you like the Sergei Shirokov-Sergei Kalinin-Maxim Karpov line?

- Maybe the road trip took its toll today. Nevertheless, I think things will be better in the next match.

Nikolai Prokhorkin: "Our task is to win matches"

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