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Oleg Znarok speaks about beating Jokerit in Saint Petersburg

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HC SKA press-service

- During the game, Maxim Karpov and Alexander Barabanov changed lines.

- We want our lines to produce goals. While we have time, we decided to change things around.

- Was this done with Monday in mind?

- It's simply an option.

- Evgeny Ketov was really pumped up today.

- The whole team was pumped. You can see that by the result.

- Did Evgeny Ketov's fight add emotions to the match?

- Yes, probably it did.

- Will SKA sign any more players?

- We have too many players, we don't need to bring anyone else in.

Oleg Znarok speaks about beating Jokerit in Saint Petersburg

- Who decided not to touch the Nikolai Puchkov tournament trophy?

- I don't know, I wasn't there.

- Is the team ready for the season?

- Yes, more or less. I think that we're more ready than last season, and that worries me a bit.

- Will Sergei Kalinin be in the fourth line?

- We haven't decided that yet. We'll have a think and name a strong roster for Monday's first KHL match.

- CSKA Moscow have 40 players.

- It's not my problem.

- Before the KHL, will the team have any days off?

- Yes, but only tomorrow.

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