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Oscar Fantenberg: "We showed character against a strong team"

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Oscar Fantenberg: "We showed character against a strong team"

HC SKA defenseman Oscar Fantenberg:

- We had a bad first period, but we stepped it up in the second and the third. It's a big win to come back from 0:2 down, we showed character. Salavat are a good team, so we're happy to get this victory.

- How do you feel with SKA in Saint Petersburg?

- It's going really well, I have good teammates here. It has been first class since day one, so I feel welcomed. I need more games to get into shape, but overall I've been treated well and I feel as though I belong in the team. It's been good.

- Did this match give you a feeling what it's like to compete against strong clubs in the KHL?

- Salavat are a good team, probably one of the best in the league. This is the first time when I have played against a top team for SKA. They have good skill, especially their first line. It's good that we won, but we have things to improve. A win is a win.

- Did the coaches give you special instructions concerning how to play against Salavat's first line?

- My line with Joonas Kemppainen coped with them well. Our job was to not give them time and space with the puck, we had to stay close to them and play tough. The whole team did well against them.

- SKA have a lot of defensemen in the squad. How would you compare the competition within the SKA team with your experience in the NHL?

- It's a great thing that we have a lot of defensemen, we're helping each other to get better. The situation is different in comparison to the NHL, but we have a good team and a solid defensive line. We will improve as a team.

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